Etsy vs. Pinterest

14 Jul
Etsy vs. Pinterest

Pinterest is a site I haven’t found much use for. It seems to be a digital bulletin board, where you can “pin” things you find of interest wherever they may be online. Recipes, clothing, interesting articles to read, shopping sites, etc. You name it, you can create a “board” and “pin” things you want to save and go back to later on.

Etsy is like a digital Mom & Pop store shopping center. Small businesses, crafty people making homemade goodies of every kind, all together in one spot. You can shop many different “stores” and put everything you want to purchase in one cart. I have shopped on Etsy many times, and never yet been disappointed with my purchases. It’s nice to find things that are unique and well-made.

Recently I’ve been made aware of another site called Peter’s Square, which is very similar to Etsy except the merchants are all Catholic. The merchandise ranges from t-shirts to jewelry to icons and statues and rosaries and more. I was able to purchase beeswax candles from a man in Ukraine and help support him and his family. Peter’s Square also charges the merchants smaller fees than Etsy, which means the merchants keep more of their profits. So you’re purchasing good Catholic products and supporting Catholic business owners. Win win!


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