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Ashley Judd Video Mocks Abortion, Rick Santorum: Women of Virtue Need to Raise the Standard

at Catholic Online

The juvenile and malicious video featuring Ashley Judd on the FunnyorDie website (“Rick Santorum Aborts Presidential Campaign”) immediately brought to mind my favorite quote from Archbishop Fulton Sheen:

“To a great extent the level of any civilization is the level of its womanhood. When a man loves a woman, he has to become worthy of her. The higher her virtue, the more her character, the more devoted she is to truth, justice, goodness, the more a man has to aspire to be worthy of her. The history of civilization could actually be written in terms of the level of its women.”

O, how the lovely have fallen, and what a grotesque crop they’ve sown. Indeed, what passes for womanhood in our society today is nothing but a cheap, crass knock-off of the original; a crude and sloppy hack painting being sold as the masterpiece. The modern-day “feminist” woman foolishly champions faithlessness, promiscuity, contraception, and abortion and she degrades herself in the process. This latest evidence of just how far women have sunk is not only sad, but alarming.

The stars of the “choice” universe have gone way, way beyond their worn-out euphemisms and are now embracing shameless mockery. Ashley Judd and crew have made themselves a little video (how clever and funny they are!) that mocks the act of killing babies in the womb. They mock the violence of stopping the heartbeat of a child. Ha ha ha ha!! What a hilarious analogy they’ve drawn by comparing an abortion to Rick Santorum’s suspended Presidential campaign, if you’re someone who finds dead babies and wounded mothers hilarious. Apparently they do.

Babies are meaningless, doncha know. What matters is insulting and smearing the name of a faithful husband and father who happens to believe that every human life is sacred and deserving of protection. He’s a man, and worse, a conservative, Catholic man; therefore, he has no right to any opinion or belief about the legalized baby killing we call “reproductive freedom.” In fact, men have no say whatsoever unless they’re going to pipe up in favor of exterminating babies.

So this is what we’ve come to? This is the present and future of “feminism” in America? Women openly mocking the deaths of their own children; deaths fought long and hard for; deaths campaigned and paid for; deaths celebrated as “freedom” and “rights” for women? I’d say that’s officially the bottom, folks. There’s nowhere lower to sink. That’s as pathetic and wicked as it gets.

So now that we’ve seen the bottom, it’s time to work our way up. Women own this mess, and we must be the ones to correct it, through the mercy and power of God. We have a vile legacy behind us. It’s rooted deeply in the psyche and hearts of our entire culture. Women opened the door and welcomed the enemy inside because he called himself freedom and “choice” and we were stupid and selfish enough to believe it. Now the equilibrium of our society will never, ever be restored until women get serious about raising the level of womanhood in our culture again.

Not only are men the enemy, but children are commodities now. We manufacture them, buy them, sell them, store them in freezers, discard them if we don’t want them, and donate them for scientific study. We do all this because in our minds we own them. They are not persons to us, but property. They are merely “potential” that only will be realized if we so choose. Forget God – we hold the power of life and death in our hands now.

Our children are slaves to our wishes, and when they inconvenience us or disrupt our plans, we kill them and congratulate ourselves for our prudence. Perhaps we go on and on about how difficult the “choice” was for us, but ultimately, we kill them anyway because it was “the right thing to do.”

Yes, oh yes, nobody does delusion better than modern women. Mourning abortion is forbidden; denouncing or avoiding abortion is a betrayal of the collective; abortion “only when absolutely necessary” is wimpy and embarrassing; celebrating abortion, finding humor in abortion, adoring abortion – now that’s what “feminists” do these days! Look how far we’ve come! We don’t need to question or agonize over the “choice” to kill our babies – it’s a good thing. God help us.

I just recently saw the movie “Courageous” and that powerful final scene is still stuck in my head. As Adam Mitchell asked the men in his church that morning, I have to ask a similar question:

Where are you, women of virtue?

Where are the women who will not declare war on their own bodies? Where are the women who will not execute their own babies? Where are the women who will not throw away their purity? Where are the women who will not settle for men who abandon them? Where are the women who will exemplify the unique strengths of femininity, rather than remaking themselves into men?

Where are the women who will confront the lie that says women don’t need men? Where are the women who will model chastity, grace, gentleness, modesty, humility, self-control, and love?

Who will teach our daughters that they are more than a sexy body? Who will teach our daughters that their worth is not in their pretty face? Who will teach our daughters that happiness is not found in promiscuous sex? Who will teach our daughters that purity is not a restrictive idea from the past, but the shield that protects them and provides for their future?

I will.

Who will teach our daughters that a real man treasures a woman, gives his life for her, never violates her dignity, keeps his promises, is honorable in all his actions, and a man other than this is not worthy of her?
Who will teach our daughters that motherhood is not an oppressive burden, but a holy and rewarding vocation?
Who will teach our daughters that the child in the womb is not a parasite or an intruder but a human being whom no one has the “right” to kill?

I will.

Who will show our daughters the strength and blessing found in obeying God’s laws? By God’s grace, I will.
Who will live in stark contrast to the culture that says sex is power, men are the enemy, abortion is freedom, and purity is antiquated nonsense? By God’s grace, I will.

Who will teach them not to despise their virginity? Who will teach them that sex does not equal love? Who will teach them that beauty is fleeting and charm deceptive, but a woman who fears the Lord will be praised? By God’s grace, I will.

Who will teach them to guard their hearts by using their heads? I will.
Who will teach them how to say “No” to momentary pleasure and “Yes” to wisdom and self-control? I will.
Who will teach them that even the best career will never surpass the significance of the vocation of motherhood? I will.

Who will show them what a balanced and harmonious partnership with a man looks like? I will.
Who will teach them to recognize and respect the differences between men and women? I will.
Who will show them the joy and fulfillment of giving themselves completely in marriage to one man? I will.
Who will tell them that freedom is found only on a narrow road and only in self-giving, not self-seeking? I will.

What about you?

Where are you, women of virtue? I know you’re out there, but you’ve got to come out of the shadows. You’ve got to stop being embarrassed by virtue, no matter who laughs or scoffs. You can’t wait for other women to lead the way. You’ve got to be louder than the voices that mock the ongoing massacre of babies in the name of “freedom.” You’ve got to be courageous enough to live a counter-cultural womanhood that testifies to Life.

The history of our civilization is being written right now by women. The abortion zealots have written too many chapters in violence and death.  It’s time for women of virtue to start rewriting the story.


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