Ignore the Tiny Corpses: America’s Powerful Conceal the Monster

07 Apr

at Catholic Online

Jesus showed us with astonishing clarity how endless is the love of God and how deep His mercy when He faced His executioners without a word except to say, “Father, forgive them.” He modeled for us the power of meekness. A challenging example indeed.

There was also the day He became justifiably angry, cracked a whip and turned over some tables and was anything but meek. There are things worthy of outrage, things that cry out for a bold confrontation.

When exactly did it become a crime against Love to expose evil and call it evil? When did it become more loving to soft-peddle with gentler words rather than speak candidly?

Taking a cue from Edmund Burke, all that’s necessary for the unthinkable to be accepted is for people to find candor and confrontation of evil more unthinkable. We have mistaken politeness for Love. We’ve placed comfort and niceness above the truth and called it our Christian duty. We grow more and more silent, more and more complacent as the evil around us grows braver and more outrageous.

I’m not talking about pronouncing judgment on anyone’s soul or limiting God’s mercy, but about tolerating evil. Not just tolerating it, but disguising it, concealing it, feeding it.

For the sake of shredding the flimsy veneer of respectability and righteousness covering the stinking pile sitting in our midst, here goes.

There is currently on trial in America a person who fits the definition of a monster. Every bit as evil as Hitler, or the most demented murderer you can imagine. He has a medical degree, so his monstrous actions were done in the name of “health care.” His name is Kermit Gosnell, and he has murdered babies for years. He is a human butcher.

He preys on foolish, desperate women, and perhaps some women who are as cold-hearted as he is. He serves no one and cares for no one. He is a killer of the weakest, most vulnerable, most defenseless human beings on the planet. His “work”, his actions, his business is nothing but pure evil. (He likes to keep his victim’s little feet in jars as trophies.)

He’ll rip a near-term living baby from the womb, grab a pair of scissors, and cut the child’s spinal column at the neck. He calls it abortion. So do a lot of other people in America.

baby with neck slit by gosnell

You would think that every decent citizen in our nation would be so repulsed, so aghast and horrified at the evil this man has done that it would cause soul-searching on a massive scale, and finally, an honest public debate about the reality of abortion.

Thanks to the intentional, shameful silence on the part of major news media, I’ll bet that a majority of Americans have no clue about Gosnell or what he’s done. This same majority will bristle at the legitimate charges brought against Planned Parenthood and balk at the idea of defunding them. This same majority will go deaf, dumb, and blind when presented with the fact that their stylish, charming President voted four times to deny life-saving medical care to infants who survived an abortion.

I’d bet there are more people who will defend Gosnell’s “work” than people who will call him a child killer. In fact, the people most desperate to make Gosnell just disappear are those who want to see his “work” continue, though perhaps not as gruesomely or publicly.

Then again, I don’t think the gruesomeness bothers them at all. What bothers them is that Gosnell has made abortion and abortionists look bad and made some people actually feel sorry for the baby.

I don’t think taxpayer-funded-Planned Parenthood, NARAL Pro-Choice, any other pro-abortion lobby or organization, anyone in the mainstream media, or any of our pro-abortion politicians including Obama cares one whit about what Gosnell has done to so many innocent children. They only care that he did it sloppily, left a mess behind him, and got caught.

This murderer’s shocking crimes are being ignored by those in power because abortion is more important.

A sadistic and greedy killer is being hidden by people who say they only want women to have freedom of “choice”, and they only want the best for children in America. They are the ones who truly care about women, about children, about families, about quality health care, about freedom.

To Planned Parenthood; to PP’s guardian and benefactor in the White House; every other political advocate for abortion; and every so-called feminist screaming for “Abortion on demand and without apology!”, I’m calling b.s.

You don’t give a damn about women, and you certainly don’t give a damn about children. You are every bit as invested in the death of the unborn (or born) child as Gosnell, every bit as greedy for the money to be made by killing babies. Your mission is not women’s health or women’s freedom or women’s choice, but women’s coercion, women’s manipulation, women’s degradation and usage, and if women are sometimes butchered right along with the babies, so be it.

Your mission is dead babies. You don’t want fewer abortions, you want more. You’re not interested in planning parenthood, but in making sure abortion finally is seen as a necessary, essential, and noble facet of every woman’s life. Your goal is that the stigma of abortion should be redirected toward the child in the womb, and to the woman who refuses to believe your bloody lies.

In order to secure future clients and keep the money coming in, you’re going after our school children with your perverted version of “sex education” that destroys modesty, normalizes every sort of sexual immorality, mandates condom and Pill distribution and forbids any mention of abstinence. You’re making sure Planned Parenthood has access to young girls to “provide” them with “health care” information and abortions without their parent’s knowledge or consent. You are actively corrupting our children in the most manipulative and disgusting manner.

Only one thing is sacred to you (beyond the $$) and that is sex — wherever, with whomever, whenever, and however anyone wants. With no consequences or obligations. You worship genitals and orgasms and every manner of titillation, and the sacrifice you bring to your altar is the child in the womb.

Your scare-tactic speeches about the back-alley abortions of yesteryear are as hollow as your professed concern for the welfare of children. Your insistence that a woman’s bodily autonomy is paramount have now been revealed to be nothing but smoke. What you really mean is, babies who have the nerve to survive the first attempt on their lives have no right to medical care, and can quite justifiably be left to die, even made to die, on the table. (It’s not infanticide, you say, but post-birth abortion.)

When PP’s Florida lobbyist recently said out loud that the decision to give medical care to an infant who survives an abortion should be left to the woman and her doctor, she was merely echoing Barack Obama as an Illinois Senator when he said that caring for the child would “only burden the original decision of the woman”. In other words, mom wanted the baby dead, so somebody better make sure the baby dies. That’s what we’re paid for.

It doesn’t matter to any of you when the baby dies, or how the baby dies, or where the baby dies, just as long as the baby dies. That is what you’re really all about, and not another breath should be wasted trying to say otherwise. No more soft-peddling with euphemisms and tip-toeing around the truth.

You are all advocates for killing defenseless children. You are not advocates for women’s health care, or women’s equality, or women’s freedom. You are advocates of child murder. If you find that statement harsh, too bad. You have gotten this far only because too many people are too squeamish to call things what they really are. The evil you do has thrived only because people are unwilling to confront you honestly and tear the sympathetic masks off your faces.

You may find Gosnell distasteful and annoying because he focuses unwanted negative attention on your killing industry, but the best you can do is whine that the monster is in because not enough doctors are willing to become abortionists because of the pesky “stigma” of abortion. To you Gosnell’s “clinic” is proof-positive that America needs more access to abortion, with fewer restrictions and legal oversight so that women won’t be “forced” to see a creep like him.

You step right over the tiny corpses. Your answer to evil is to keep feeding the evil.

And you’ll keep doing it for as long as we give you the power. You’ll keep feeding the evil, and feeding America lies and smokescreens for as long as you can. And we will remain a nation that butchers its own babies.

How long will that be, America? How long will that be, Body of Christ?

(Want to know what the mainstream news media isn’t reporting?)


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5 responses to “Ignore the Tiny Corpses: America’s Powerful Conceal the Monster

  1. Edwin Reffell

    April 12, 2013 at 3:41 AM

    I agree with all you say, Jennifer. God’s mercy is endless but we have to accept His outstretched hand, repent and ask for forgiveness. If Gosnell does not do that then he will go to hell and I think he deserves it as much as any criminal against humanity. Before I was a Catholic I thought abortion saved unwanted children from a problematical life because I was ignorant of the real truth about abortion and its horrors. Now I assert every conceived child as a gift of God with an undeniable right to life.

  2. Mary Georgianna Buzzell

    April 7, 2013 at 6:59 PM

    the ‘second death’ will take care of Gosnell…he will hurt a million times more than his little victims andfor eternity……Give me the babies Lord,,,I have always said… all…give them all to me Lord…pleaseeee
    he gave me nine

    • Michele M. Morgan

      April 9, 2013 at 5:14 PM

      This comment (by Mary Buzzeli) is what non-Christians mean when they say “Judge not lest you be judged.” We are NOT called to judge this man, as is being done here. We will NOT make the decision as to the disposition of his soul, and we should not even mention the possibility of assuming that awesome and horrible responsibility. That does NOT mean we have no right to exercise JUDGEMENT, however. Common sense and sound judgement indicate that what was going on in that abortion mill in violation of innumerable codes–health, civil, and moral, among others. We have a right to discuss issues and make judgements based on our faith and the moral code it teaches. We DO NOT have a right to judge this man’s ultimate end. And I, for one, pray earnestly that his heart will be changed by the Grace of our dear Lord and that his soul WILL ultimately be saved and he will spend eternity playing with the then-incarnate children he once sought only to slaughter. THIS is the love God can show to us–to turn us from the darkness of evil to the endless light of his Grace and forgiveness.

      I have looked at this man’s face over and over again in the articles I have read about this. All I can think of is that he looks like someone made to be a gentle, kindly, loving grandfather. All I can wonder is, What happened? Dear God in heaven, What happened? What series of tiny choices lead him incrementally down this road of horrors? And is it really possible that I could have travelled that same road, or another equally horrid, had I made a series of seemingly minor decisions, each one leading me more and more deeply into a Hell I had never intended to enter at one early point in my life. This handsome, kindly-faced man was someone child; someone’s grandchild; someone’s little boy once upon a long time ago. There must have been a time when he dreamed little boy dreams, thought innocent thoughts of childhood. Wanted something good and noble and grand for his life. These all come from God, as we know. He wants always for us to fulfill the plan He had for us when He made us.

      It is certain that this the charnel house where this “doctor” ended his career is not the plan Our Lord had for him when He made him. But it is equally certain that He DID have a plan for Gosnell’s life. That is what I hope and pray Gosnell will cling to at the moment of his death, and that he will accept the forgiveness and love that Our Lord will surely offer him–as he offers all of us–if we will only reach out and take His hand.

      • catholicmoxie

        April 10, 2013 at 10:57 AM

        Clearly you skipped over the part where I said this isn’t about judging anyone’s soul or limiting God’s mercy.

        Show me where I decided Gosnell’s ultimate end. Show me where I determined his eternal destiny. I did not. I am not passing judgment on his immortal soul for all eternity. I am stating without equivocation, without hesitation, without flinching that what he has done is EVIL, and monstrous. Period. His “work” is not praiseworthy, or health care, or care in any manner at all to anyone. He is a child murderer. And if our society does not recognize him as such and punish him as such, then we are in unspeakable peril. And that’s exactly where I think the United States is… in unspeakable peril because we won’t call evil EVIL.

        The fate of his immortal soul is not mine to decide, but Gosnell’s and God’s. I will leave it there, and even pray for him.


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