A Picture Worth Half a Million, Invisible to MSM

25 Jan

The crowd was estimated to be close to half a million people this year.  The silence from the media is ridiculous.  Their attempts to minimize, or flat-out ignore the hundreds of thousands of people (so many of them young people) who descended on Washington, D.C. in support of the unborn is growing so tiresome and pathetic.  We’ll see a few photos this week of the six or seven counter-protesters who showed up, but no honest coverage of the pro-lifers who were undeterred by the cold, the snow, the distance they’ve traveled to be there.

Looking for a good aerial shot of the crowd from the March (some I’ve found are disputed as to their date/event), but for now this photograph shows a small portion of the marchers as they made their way to the Supreme Court.



And another great shot:


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One response to “A Picture Worth Half a Million, Invisible to MSM

  1. Ester

    January 26, 2013 at 1:55 AM

    America! So proud of you people, marching for a culture of life! Blessings from South Africa


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