26 Mar

She was no longer simply Mary, no longer alone in herself. How astonishing is the news the angel has just given her! The God she loves above all else has called her name; called her to come receive the most splendid gift. He chose Mary, and she chose Him. And in an instant the God whom the universe cannot contain was safely tucked inside the darkness of her womb, growing and becoming. Gabriel had left her, and though she could not feel Him yet, she knew He was there. Not just in spirit now, but in her… part of her as He’d never been part of anyone before.

Weeks pass…she looks no different, yet she is the vessel that now protects the Holy One as He grows.

Then one day out of the blue she feels Him! That first gentle movement that feels like bubbles… so slight yet unmistakably baby. How delightful and exhilarating! Mighty God now softly stirs with delicate arms and tiny legs. He formed the vast oceans and filled them with marvelous creatures, and now He floats quietly in the warm, pure sea created only for Him.

Soon He is kicking her, pushing her, and forcefully! He enjoys doing flips, His ears now hear the sound of her voice, and He is quickly taking up more and more space in her body. He has always occupied her heart, and now she looks down at her round belly, places her hand over the spot where He kicks, and she marvels at how He has taken her over. She eagerly awaits the moment when she can kiss His tiny face, count tiny fingers and toes, and hold Him close to her heart…the heart He already owns.

Finally, the blessed hour comes, and He who gives life to every man and creature now waits for His own birth. I AM the LIFE must be given His life by His mother. She must deliver her Redeemer. And suddenly, there He is in her arms. Eternity was cradled in her arms.

Surely words could scarcely describe what it must have been like for her to look down at His little face and realize the mighty and sovereign Lord she bowed down to was now wearing the skin of her own flesh and nursing at her breast! To be twice overcome with fierce and tender love; once as a mother for her child, and again as a servant daughter of her Savior.

What exquisite joy and affection she must have felt to smell the sweetness of His head, feel the softness of His new baby skin (all parents know there’s nothing better than baby skin), hear His baby sighs and snores, and snuggle His warm little body against her own in sleep. Heaven on earth – literally – and every moment was hers to savor. How glorious and sweet! No mother has ever known greater joy, nor ever will.

And how deserving she was of such an unspeakable gift, for she also bore the greatest pain of any mother on earth.  
She gave Him life, so that He could give us Life.

How happy are we all to be her sons and daughters and know her loving affection and her stalwart protection! Thank you, Mother! Most Blessed Mother!


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2 responses to “Incarnation

  1. Cheryl Hogan

    March 29, 2012 at 8:34 PM

    Thank you Jennifer. I am trying to learn imaginative prayer and having a very difficult time. I just don’t have a mind that seems to work that way. I am a very linear thinker. I appreciate your post so much, it helps me imagine something I could not have imagined myself. Beautiful!

  2. Maggie

    March 27, 2012 at 8:04 AM

    I love this post! So beautiful and inspiring!


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