How do you spend Good Friday?

21 Apr

Do you have Good Friday traditions or habits?

Like many people, Good Friday for me means watching The Passion of the Christ.  Late in the evening, alone, after the kids are in bed.

I still can’t get through the scourging at the pillar without literally hiding my head in my arms, eyes clenched shut through tears.  I weep openly when Pilate’s wife hands Mary that stack of clean white towels, and Our Lady gets down on her hands and knees to wipe His blood from the ground.

I crumble when she stands at His feet and says, “Let me die with you.”  Then she kisses His bloody feet with such tenderness and love. I just come undone.

I will watch this film every Good Friday til I die, I suspect. I need to see it.

Beyond that, I try to keep the day quiet and somewhat somber. As much as can be achieved with three young children. But I’m trying to let them know that it’s a solemn day. A day to look inward and think about Jesus.

What about you?

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